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Every organization faces risks unique to their business. We recognize the unique requirements of the clients to come up with effective, economical and pragmatic solutions to meet those needs.

Technical services business stream provides specialised consultancy services in area of Process Safety Risk Management, HSSE Risk Management and Asset Integrity and Operational Risk Management for Oil and Gas, Nuclear and Mining sector from project concept development to detailed design to supporting existing plant operations and decommissioning.

Innostar endeavours to support client goals, whether it is legislative compliance, reducing risk, improving overall safety or gaining a competitive advantage. We along with our qualified staff and associates with many years of experience in the industry are uniquely positioned to meet client needs. 


Safety Risk Management

Process / Safety Risk Management involves identification of hazards, assessment of hazards, developing engineering measures to eliminate, prevent, detect, mitigate, control; and emergency response measures to protect personnel and minimise escalation potential. The necessary risk controls should then be in place and risk monitoring ensures the controls are adequate to address the identified risks. These activities should be embedded into a systematic risk management process.

Innostar provides safety risk management services covering the complete lifecycle of an asset from concept development to design, construction, commissioning, operation and decommissioning. This includes hazard identification Workshop facilitation; hazard assessment studies, developing engineering design measures such as Fire / explosion Protection System and Risk Assessment and developing legal compliance documents supporting the projects 


Workshop Facilitation

Workshops / Hazard Identification meetings are a key part of engineering design projects. The key objectives of these workshops are to identify and rank any significant hazards / issues. These workshops / meetings are led by an experienced chairperson with knowledge of the issues and understanding of the review process.
We have a selection of experienced chairpersons with significant industry experience able to facilitate the following types of workshops.
• Hazard Identification (HAZID)
• Hazard and Operability (HAZOP techniques)
• High Risk Activities Risk Assessment Review
• Environmental Identification (ENVID Workshop)
• Best Available Techniques (BAT)
• Safety Integrity Level (SIL Assessments)
• Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA)
• Failure Modes Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMEA / FMECA)
• Reliability Operability Maintenance (ROM)
• Safety Critical Element (SCE) Identification 


Safety Engineering

Innostar can complete safety engineering studies for offshore and onshore oil and gas exploration and processing facilities including vessels-based operation such as FPSO, MODU, etc. Innostar has engineers with significant experience who can provide our clients a complete project lifecycle support by providing cost-effective services that minimises any costly late design changes.

Innostar is capable of successfully completing the following safety studies to identify hazards; analyse their effects; and assess the risks associated with the facilities during normal operations, Turnaround or during any simultaneous operations (SIMOPS):
• Fire and Explosion Hazards Analysis (FEA/FERA/FRA)
• Gas Dispersion and Smoke Ingress Analysis
• Flare Radiation Assessment
• Subsea Release Modelling
• Emergency Systems Survivability Assessment (ESSA)
• Escape, Evacuation and Rescue Analysis (EERA)
• Temporary Refuge Integrity Analysis (TRIA)
• Exhaust Vent Study
• Dropped Object (DO) Study (including Subsea dropped object Assessment)
• Material Handling Study
• Ship Collision Study /Helicopter Collision Study
• Blast and Overpressure Analysis 


Fire Protection

Our engineers provide the following services in Safety Engineering Design for Brownfield and Greenfield projects:
• Hazardous Area Classification
• Flare and Vent System Design
• Depressurisation System Design
• Fire Consequence Modelling
• Fire, Heat and Smoke Detector Layout / Optimisation
• Active Fire Protection (AFP) Design
• Firewater Demand and Hydraulic Analysis
• Passive Fire Protection (PFP) Design and Specification
• Safety Equipment Specification
• Platform/Plant Layout Review and Optimisation 


Regulatory/ Legal Compliance

The Health, Safety and Environmental Risk Management System is an integral part of many company's business management system to manage major safety issues and risks. This is aimed to identify these risks and plan for systems and procedures to be in place to prevent, control and manage these risks, and develop appropriate trainings, audits schedule and improvements processes to achieve the company's safety goals and objectives.
Innostar provides consultancy services to assist our clients in handling safety and HSSE issues associated with their projects, facilities and operations. We also support our client to update and maintain live the HSE Management System document through the lifecycle of the project.
Innostar has experience in demonstrating compliance with UK COMAH (Control of Major Accident or Hazard) Regulations and UK Offshore Safety Case Regulations through preparation of COMAH and Offshore Safety Case Reports. We have interacted with the regulatory bodies on behalf of our clients for submission and obtaining government approval for these documents to enable continued operations of the facilities. Our services in this area include:
• United Kingdom - Onshore COMAH/CIMAH Report Development
• United Kingdom - Offshore HSE/Safety Case Development
• United Kingdom - Prevention of Fire and Explosion and Emergency Response Regulations
• HSE/Safety Case Revisions / Updates
• Preparation of Addendum Reports / Bridging Documents
• Development of Combined Operations Safety Case / Bridging Documents
• Onshore and Offshore - Surveys, Audits and Reviews
• Hazard and Risk Register Preparation and maintenance
• Emergency Response Plan (ERP) Development
• Development of Safe Operating Procedures (SOP)
• Development of design and operational Performance Standards (PS) Development for Safety Critical Elements (SCEs)
• Identification of Safety and Environmental Critical Equipment (SECEq) 


HSSE Risk Management

All organisations face risks associated with specific hazards for occupational health, occupational safety, process safety, environment, security and quality. These identified risks should be controlled and monitored with suitable engineering design, rules, procedures, training, inspection and observation programmes. Preventing major loss events requires the necessary people, process and plant barriers are in place.
As part of Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) Risk Management services Innostar provides, Human Factors / Occupational Health Risk Management Environmental Risk Management. 


Human Factors / Occupational Risk Management

Human factors consider the application of psychology, physiology, anthropometrics and biomechanics in design to enhance health, safety, usability, performance, and user experience. Working environment assessment evaluate the arrangement, ergonomics, chemical, physical, and psycho-social factors in a workplace, and compare the results against established occupational health policies, standards and procedures.

The key assessment is to evaluate critical task performance, which ensures that all risks associated with tasks are identified, that equipment and systems are designed to minimise human error and a safe and effective working environment is maintained. This will ensure that known risks associated with critical tasks can be prevented or mitigated. The critical task performance includes review of critical Tasks, system and equipment design, and the critical task environment.

Innostar works closely with companies to help them design processes and work systems so that 'people issues' are considered carefully and systematically. Human behaviour and decision-making is always part of the picture - not only within labour-intensive production, but also in highly automated systems. We specialise in a range of human factor and working environment analyses and services to all industries and sectors.
• Human Error and Human Factor Study
• Ergonomic Assessment
• Ergonomics Study
• Equipment Design and Maintenance Review
• Human Machine Interface Review
• Control Room / User Interface Design
• Integration of Human Factors in Project lifecycle
• Safety Critical Task Assessment
• Job/Task Hazard Analysis (JHA)
• Working Environment Assessments
• Emergency Response Review
• Accident / Incident Investigation
• The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) Compliance (UK) 


Environmental Risk Management

Environmental Risk Management services provide clients with information for decision-making on the environmental consequences of proposed projects / modifications to promote environmentally justifiable and sustainable development. The focus of the environmental risk assessment is to prevent, mitigate and offset any adverse effects of proposed project / modifications.

Innostar utilises a variety of tools and processes to identify the Environmental, Social and Economic impacts of a proposed development / modification to identify the most environmentally suitable option; best practicable environmental option and any suitable alternative processes.

Environmental Technology Management is aimed at reducing the environmental risk level and the planned emissions to atmosphere; discharges to sea and waste generation for both new and existing offshore / onshore installations. This is applied from concept study to operation, for new builds and facility modifications.
• Best Available Technique (BAT) assessments
• Environmental Impact Identification (ENVID) workshops
• NORSOK S-003 compliance reviews

Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) is the means which will enable decision makers to take into account possible environmental, societal and health impacts during the design and implementation phase of new or modifications projects. Each EIA is tailored to meet the local and regional requirements. EIA uses a multidisciplinary and integrated approach, with the aim to identify, predict and evaluate potential impacts of a proposed project or development.
• Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
• EIA Scoping and Study Management

Environmental Modelling is about understanding and predicting the linkages from activity to environmental impact and risk assessment.
• Atmospheric / pollution release dispersion Modelling
• Water pollution release dispersion modelling
• Soil pollution release dispersion modelling

Environmental Risk Analysis: Some countries (e.g. Norway) require all operating companies engaged in exploration and/or production of oil and gas to assess the environmental risk connected with their activity. This includes quantitative or qualitative analysis of environmental risk for sensitive natural such birds populations, marine mammals, fish and coastal habitats.

Oil Spill Contingency Analysis: Operational activity with a risk for acute pollution of oil need to be subjected to an analysis to evaluate the environmental risk and related contingency measures to mitigate the potential impacts of any accidental releases. This includes assessment of the required oil spill response capacity in the different barriers, as well as the effect of alternative response strategies and measures and selecting the optimal solution for oil spill preparedness based on the contingency analysis. This results in development of oil spill preparedness plans to identify appropriate response actions if an accidental release of oil or gas should occur.
• Oil Spill Contingency Analysis
• Oil Spill Contingency Plan Development 


Asset Integrity Risk Management

Asset Integrity Risk Management / Operational safety management is aimed to support asset operators to achieve and maintain the high levels of safety and mechanical integrity required by regulation and by their own safety and risk processes. The combined with safety management systems and HSSE management system will be successful only if they are applied fully and in combination with reliability/integrity services.

The RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety) process is a knowledge management process where operational experience is analysed and evaluated with respect to previous analyses/experience, causes and effects and actions.

Innostar provides services in areas of failure investigation, reliability assessment, integrity assessment and analysis for optimization of spares stocking through professionals with years of experience in offshore and onshore Oil & Gas and process industries.
• Constructability and Maintainability Review
• Plant / Equipment Reliability and Availability and Maintainability (RAM) Analysis
• Technology Evaluation / Assessment
• Develop Critical Equipment Performance Standards (SCE- PS)
• Development of Critical Equipment Maintenance Philosophy and Strategy
• Root Cause Analysis
• Equipment Failure Assessment / Investigation
• Failure Modes Effects & Criticality Analysis (FMECA) 

Our Clients

We are privileged to be trusted by global companies to support their worldwide projects and operations. Our expanding client list is a testimonial to the value addition we provide to our clients.